About Us
Our company, based in Cibolo, has over 14 years of DJ experience and have performed at hundreds of weddings, birthdays, and corporate parties. Our service was one of only 3 to be personally recommended by the Owner/Operator of The Villa of KC, one of the most sought after venues in Kansas City as well as Club 1000. We moved from the Kansas City Metro 7 years ago and couldn’t be more happy with our decision. This is a profession we love, and we take the responsibility of your event as seriously as we would our own. We are extremely confident that you will be pleased with our service.

Our Goals
To be the preeminent DJ company by which all others are judged. The company is guided today by our original values: a commitment to outstanding customer service, exceptional technical and communication skills, with a drive to constantly improve the Cruzin Music experience. If you, our customer, are pleased, then so are we.

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